Welcome the Fantastic Jacob, Our New Sales Development Representative

Level365 is excited to announce that Jacob Nasserizafar has joined our team as our new Sales Development Representative! Jacob has over 8 years of experience providing dedicated service to clients from all different backgrounds, guiding them through the sales and support process while effectively servicing their needs. He has proven himself to be detail-oriented while always taking a people-first approach, believing that if he does right by his team and clients, success will follow.


Who is Jacob?

Jacob is the definition of down-to-earth and he works hard to be receptive to feedback. Previous clients have described him as straightforward and very easy to communicate with. He brings a unique perspective to Level365 while also looking to continue learning more and exploring different parts of the technology industry. 


He never shies away from a challenge and the opportunity to add new skills to what he already does well. Putting this all together to build personal connections and help others achieve their business goals keeps him going.


In his own words, “Nothing can replace words of affirmation from a client after all is said and done. Whether the journey was a voyage in still waters or one with some waves, when a client comes back to extend a hand of appreciation and speak on the positive experience or impact, it makes everything worth it.”


Fun Facts

  • From Evansville, Indiana.
  • Has performed with a symphonic band in 7 different countries across Europe.
  • His first job was operating roller coasters at Holiday World (and yes, he still loves roller coasters)
  • His Favorite genre of music is hard rock.
  • Big fan of musicals – “Dear Evan Hansen” being his favorite
  • Loves spicy food!
We’re excited to have him as a part of our team and hope you are too.

Connect with Jacob on LinkedIn or say hi the next time you get a call or email from him.



And make sure to follow Level365 on Social Media: @level365

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