4 Tools I Couldn’t Live Without As A Social Media Intern

If someone would have asked me three months ago about how to manage social media accounts for a voice service provider, I would have probably looked at them with a blank stare. I’m familiar with social media, of course. However, being a college student has only prepared me for my own personal accounts. Unfortunately, retweeting funny memes and taking Buzzfeed quizzes on Facebook to find out which Disney villain I am won’t get me very far in B2B marketing strategies. Luckily, in my few short months as a social media intern at Level365, I have gained an abundance of knowledge on social media strategy. This includes how our competitors are utilizing their social media platforms, how to make the most of our own accounts, and most importantly – time-saving and creative online tools that we use and that could help your business too.

The Top 4 Social Media Tools I Couldn’t Live Without

(1) Hootsuite

Anyone who has ever managed social media for a company is probably familiar with Hootsuite or other tools like it. This website allows you to schedule posts ahead of time on any platform. Additionally, you can also see real-time analytics on each of your posts. As an intern, I am only in the office three days out of the week, so scheduling posts ahead of time is a necessity in order to keep our social media consistent.

(2) Sniply

Sniply is a free tool that allows you to promote your business even when just posting an industry-related article. It allows you to create call-to-action buttons called “snips” that are placed at the bottom of the screen of each article you post. This means that whenever someone sees your post and is interested in reading an article that you shared, they also see a promotional button that directs them to your website (or any website of your choice). This increases overall traffic, and hey, maybe even sales! Sniply also provides analytics on all of the snips you create and how many people are clicking your link. The tool even integrates into your Hootsuite account, simplifying the posting process altogether.

(3) Unsplash

When posting on social media, it is important to always have a picture that corresponds to your post. Websites like Unsplash provide fair-use, professional photos that won’t get you in any trouble with image copyright laws. The website allows you to type in keywords to help you find the exact photo you need for your post.

(4) Lumen5

Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook and next thing you know you’re watching a short clip about a pickle festival in New York? I have. And I can tell you that I would most likely never read an article about this festival, even though I am a fried pickle connoisseur. However, I would watch a minute long video about the event to learn everything I need to know about it. That is what Lumen5 allows you to do. You can turn any blog post, article, or even just information about your company into a video. I made my first video about Level365 in under 30 minutes using this tool.

First, you provide a link to the website of your choice, then the tool picks out relevant sentences, or you can customize which lines you wish to have in your video. Then you can choose from thousands of photos, icons, and short clips to place within your video, or you can upload your own. Lastly, choose a song to play in the background and you are all done! Next thing you know you have a clean, professional-looking video.

Overall, these tools have helped me so much during my time as a social media intern. They’ve saved me time, made sure I am not breaking any copyright laws, and made me look more creative than I actually am. But don’t take my word for it. Try these tools out for yourself and see how they can impact your social media strategy.

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