A Brief History of Telecommunications

Do you remember when we were unable to communicate over the phone, send a quick email, or attend a video conference? Neither can we. Come along with us as we take a brief look into the history of how we got where we are today.

The Beginnings

Entering the 1800s, the way businesses communicated was going to change forever. In 1837, the invention of the telegraph gave businesses the ability to communicate among multiple locations quicker and more efficiently. This allowed businesses to expand across regions. Though the telegraph was a defining piece of business communications, the next invention revolutionized the way businesses communicate to this very day.


The invention of the telephone in 1876 allowed businesses to communicate verbally in two different locations for the first time. This led businesses to further expand as telephone lines were laid across the United States and the world. The telephone was such a success with businesses that within 10 years of its inception, more than 150,000 telephones were purchased. 

Woman sending Morse code using telegraph



Throughout the 1900s, a multitude of innovations occurred to bring business communications to where it is today. This started to take shape in the 1930s as the key phone system was developed. The key phone system allowed for businesses to have multiple phone lines in one location, providing more communication capabilities. 



As the 1900s moved along, the 1940s through the 1960s brought the first mobile wireless telephone and fax machine. The introduction of the mobile wireless phone allowed businesses to collaborate beyond the physical confines of the office. On the other hand, the fax machine gave businesses the ability to send documents as photo-like copies. 



By the end of the 1900s, a steady stream of innovations in the business communication industry started to pour out. The releases of the cellular phone, pager, email, and second-generation (2G) cellular service allowed for businesses to communicate across their organization and the world like never before.


The world's first cordless phone
The world’s first cordless phone ⬆️


Into the 2000s, the introduction of smartphones, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks, the cloud, fifth-generation (5G) cellular service, and Unified Communications (UC) has taken over the business communications industry. With the ability to communicate over voice, text, video, and more, business communications are more integrated and connected than it has ever been before. 

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