Accounting Firm Stays Connected From Any Office With Level365

Company Overview: 

For over 30 years, a Central Indiana accounting firm has been providing tax, advisory, and accounting services to clients throughout Indiana. With multiple offices located throughout the state, the company is dedicated to building relationships with its clients and serving as a trusted advisor.

The Issue

Before switching to Level365, the accounting firm had an onsite phone system that did not meet their communication needs. The firm’s staff worked from multiple offices and needed the flexibility to make and receive calls regardless of location. This included working remotely at a client’s location or at one of the company’s central Indiana locations in Kokomo, Wabash, and Carmel.



Needing remote work capabilities, the company upgraded their phones to a “hybrid” system which was supposed to integrate the onsite system with more advanced features such as a mobile app. 



Unfortunately, the “hybrid” system only caused headaches. Many “advanced” features, including the mobile app, did not work well or at all in some instances. This resulted in inefficient communication and staff often using their personal mobile number to call clients when working outside their normal office location.

“Level365 service provides our staff the mobility and flexibility to work from any of our offices. While our previous provider could only make empty promises, Level365 was able to deliver. Why spend professional time trying to get your phone system to work when it can just work?” 

Partner, CPA

Accounting Firm

The Solution

While struggling through their phone issues, the firm received a recommendation for Level365’s UCaaS service. By replacing its “hybrid” system with Level365’s cloud-hosted unified communications service, the firm was able to realize the benefits of using an all-in-one, mobile, and flexible phone system. Level365’s UC service seamlessly connects and integrates voice + collaboration services among desk phones, mobile devices, and computers, offering the flexibility to work from anywhere.



Level365 Hosted UC Service:

  • Unlimited Local & Domestic Calls
  • Voicemail-to-Email and VM Transcription
  • Presence, Chat, and Video Collaboration
  • Web App with Softphone
  • Mobile App

The Result

The result of switching to Level365 was clear. Everything just worked as it should. There was no more frustration or issues with the mobile communication app not working. 


  • Mobile App / Web Phone: Staff are able to keep their professional identity by making and receiving client calls using their business phone number on the mobile app or through their computer. 
  • Multiple Locations Tied Together: Multiple locations are connected under one system. There was no need to buy and maintain separate phone systems for each office location. Calling coworkers in a different office is as easy as dialing an extension number as if they were in the same building. 
  • Hotdesking: Level365 set up hotdesking which meant that staff could log into any available desk phone while in another office. Hotdesking provided all of the same features and benefits as using your office desk phone from another location.
  • Presence: Employees could see which contacts within their office were currently available or on an active call using the Mobile App, Web Phone, or Desk Phone.

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