Indiana Town Consolidates & Expands with UCAAS

Nestled in the heart of Central Indiana, just a short drive from downtown Indianapolis lies a thriving town that has seen an explosion of growth over the past decade. 

The Issue

As the bustling town grew, the Town Manager forged a plan to consolidate their workforce into one centralized location. The need for seamless communication between employees was paramount, but their existing onsite phone system lacked flexibility and features that created hurdles in fostering efficient communication. Seeking a phone solution that could streamline operations, the town’s leadership set out to find a provider that would reduce costs and improve communication.

Level365 makes managing our communications easy. When we consolidated to one location, their solution fit our needs and saved us money. Later when we expanded to multiple locations, their service was able to scale and connect under a single platform without us having to spend additional budget for capital equipment.

Town Manager

Central Indiana Town

The Solution

After thorough research and evaluation, the town found its answer in Level365’s cloud-hosted Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution. By replacing its existing onsite phone system with Level365’s innovative platform, the town unlocked a myriad of benefits, including mobile features that transformed its communications infrastructure.



With Level365’s UCaaS platform, the town waved farewell to massive expenses associated with maintaining their onsite phone systems and costly fees from local telecommunications providers. Instead, they embraced a budget-friendly, all-in-one solution with predictable, consistent costs and ongoing maintenance included, making budgeting a breeze for years to come.


Level365 Hosted UC Service:

  • Unlimited Local & Domestic Calls
  • Ongoing Technical Support Included
  • Connect Multiple Locations Under One Platform
  • Web App with Softphone
  • Mobile App

The Result

The town saved an estimated $150,000 over three years by switching to Level365 service. The savings was a combination of reduced monthly service costs, lower expenses for equipment, and no maintenance fees. Level365’s efficient cloud-hosted solution demonstrated its value from the get-go, seamlessly supporting the town’s consolidation efforts. 



As the town continued to grow, so did its workforce, expanding to multiple locations. During this growth phase, Level365’s service once again proved invaluable by allowing the multiple offices to operate as one cohesive team.  With a simple extension, calls between the various locations can be made or transferred. The town also avoided purchasing additional onsite phone system equipment at each location with Level365’s scalable and flexible platform. 

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