Greater Indy Habitat For Humanity Builds Better Service With Move To Level365

Habitat For Humanity is a nonprofit organization that helps families build and improve places to call home. The organization believes affordable housing plays a critical role in strong and stable communities. The Greater Indy affiliate of Habitat For Humanity has been fulfilling the mission of bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope since 1987. The Greater Indy Habitat For Humanity organization includes the non-profit itself, four retail ReStore locations, and in-house finance/lending company that allows it to offer no-interest loans through its homeownership program.
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The Issue

A few years ago, Greater Indy Habitat For Humanity was experiencing phone system issues with service from a national VoIP provider offered through a well-known local company. Issues included dropped calls, poor call quality, and voicemail messages being cut-off. To make matters worse, much of the blame and burden to fix these issues was put on the company’s internal IT department by the provider. Overall, customer service was not helpful or friendly which resulted in frustration from those involved. Switching directly to the national VoIP provider instead of going through the local company led to more problems including 2-weeks without service due to a porting issue.
“Our overall experience with Level365 compared to our previous provider could not be more different. I am no longer frustrated when calling for support. Level365 is friendly and communicates well which goes a long way in providing a good customer experience. Any issues are communicated and resolved in a timely manner.”

Annie Costlow | Finance & Administration

Greater Indy Habitat For Humanity

The Solution

Greater Indy Habitat For Humanity was referred to Level365 by a long-time volunteer who was familiar with Level365’s service and reputation for outstanding support. The company was initially hesitant to switch service because of the previous porting experience. Part of the process of switching to Level365 includes working with various providers to ensure that numbers are ported properly without any gaps in service. The service itself is Unified Communications which includes reliable voice service along with other advanced features including Unified Messaging with voicemail-to-email, Presence, Chat, a Web Portal with a Softphone, a Mobile App, and more.

The Result

The biggest difference between service from other providers and Level365 is the reliability and peace of mind. The service has been reliable without issues previously experienced such as dropped calls or poor call quality. Calls to support are answered quickly. Any issues that arise are resolved and changes are easy to make. Further, Great Indy Habitat For Humanity has been able to seamlessly connect four ReStore retail locations under the same Level365 platform without having to manage separate systems at each location.

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