Central Indiana School District Ditches Onsite System

When a Central Indiana school district with 1,000+ students was breaking ground for a new facility, they discovered their existing onsite phone system was at capacity. Continuing with their current, outdated phone system would mean spending thousands of dollars for onsite phone switching equipment at the new facility. It would also mean continuing to work with two vendors – one for the phone service and another for the onsite equipment.

k-12 school ditches-onsite-phone-system for UC

The Issue

The current phone system was nearing its end of useful life. There were minor issues causing headaches for users and driving more support time from the IT staff. Furthermore, continuing with an onsite system would result in managing another location for equipment, maintenance, and repairs.

““This was one of the smoothest transitions of any system we’ve done in my 27 years at this School District. Level365 made it easy peasy. It was great to work with Jamie, Rebecca, and Philip. The system is very user-friendly. We couldn’t be happier!” ”

Director of IT

Central Indiana School District

The Solution

The school district sought a turn-key solution to eliminate the need to drop thousands on new equipment and the hassle of the internal IT staff to support such a system. The IT staff was already managing four locations, including Administrative Offices, Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, and soon to be a fifth new facility.


While searching for a new solution, the school district was referred to Level365 by a vendor that did not offer a hosted solution. After a demo, the school district was impressed by Level365’s platform and all the tools that came with it.


Level365 worked with the school district to replace all its phones throughout all four locations’ staff rooms and classrooms. The solution provided for this customer includes our core cloud-hosted unified communications as service (UCaaS) with unlimited calling, voicemail, mobile app, and web phone.


Level365 Hosted UC Service:

  • Unlimited Local & Domestic Calls
  • Voicemail-to-Email and VM Transcription
  • Presence, Chat, and Video Collaboration
  • Web Portal with Softphone
  • Mobile App

The Result

By switching to Level365, the school district saved thousands of dollars on upfront capital costs by switching to an internet-based solution. It was able to consolidate from two vendors, one for service and one for equipment, to one vendor for everything. The internal IT team can now virtually manage simple classroom moves, adding users, and any other changes within the Level365 Web App without changing the wiring. Their new service includes ongoing technical support, allowing the IT team to focus on keeping up the school and implementing new technology initiatives.     


Overall, the school district gained the following benefits by switching to Level365:

  • Ongoing Support: Level365 provides ongoing technical support so IT staff can focus on other priorities without being burdened with the phone system.
  • Time-Saving: The School District’s IT staff can save time and money by managing simple user changes via a Web App. The IT team no longer has to spend time on phone system repairs or maintenance.
  • Upfront Savings: The School District saved thousands of dollars upfront by not having to purchase expensive onsite phone equipment for the new location. They also no longer have ongoing maintenance and repair expenses.

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