Law Firm Appeals For Better Customer Experience With Level365

A full-service law firm located in Westfield, Indiana offers practical solutions to individuals and businesses to help protect what matters most. The firm is committed to providing its clients with individual attention and quality legal assistance and guidance.

The law firm offers legal service for business, family, estate planning, real estate, and criminal defense. Regardless of the area of law, one thing that remains constant is the firms’ commitment to achieving the client’s goals as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

law firm phone solution using UCaaS

The Issue

In early 2015, the founder of the firm had grown tired of the poor customer service he was experiencing with a large, well-known VoIP provider. The typical customer experience involved calling a toll-free number, waiting on hold for too long, and finally placing the request into a ticketing system where response time could be as long as 24 hours. As a company focused on clients and customer service, that is also heavily reliant on business communications, he thought there must be a better solution from a different provider who shared the same philosophy on service and support for its customers.

“We are pleased to work with Level365 because the company’s commitment to its clients mirrors our own commitment. Their reliable service allows us to focus on our legal services while not having to worry about our business communications.”

Founder & Partner

Law Firm - Westfield, IN

The Solution

The team at the law firm looked at a variety of different solutions, mostly from other VoIP providers, but chose Level365’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) because of the company’s commitment to service. Instead of calling a toll-free number and waiting on hold, Level365 answers calls within 10 seconds or less on average. Instead of putting in a ticket and waiting 24 hours or more to hear back, Level365 typically responds within the same day by either fixing the issue or providing information on steps being taken to resolve the issue.

The Result

Phone calls and communications, in general, is the life-blood of this law firm. In the past with a different provider, there was both quality of service and customer support issues. The time it took to remedy any issues was slow, costly, and client impacting for the firm. With Level365, there is peace of mind about the company’s communications. Any issues that do arise are quickly and easily addressed. The best part about a reliable communications platform is that the company can focus on its core business; servicing its clients. Other advantages of Level365’s service include month-to-month service with no required long-term contracts. Unified Communications tools such as the Mobile App and Web Portal, included with Level 365’s UCaaS platform also provide team members with mobility, flexibility, and connectivity to work anytime, anywhere.

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