Level365 + Sequel Motion Provide IT Disaster Recovery Solutions to Kokomo Businesses

When severe thunderstorms and tornados struck Kokomo, Indiana in November 2013, over 50 residences were destroyed, many more damaged and dozens of businesses displaced. For three of those businesses affected, The Realtors Association of Central Indiana, The Hardie Group, CRM Properties, Josh Shannonhouse, and Sequel Motion–now Business System Solutions–were able to provide IT and telephone disaster recovery to get them back up and running.


Once the coast was clear, the staff of Sequel Motion jumped into action and worked to secure office space and computers for these companies. Temporary office space was donated by the Greater Kokomo Economic Development Alliance at the Inventrek Technology Park while Sequel Motion set up computers and Internet access for the three companies.

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The Issue

Severe thunderstorms and tornados damaged many businesses in the Kokomo, Indiana area. Businesses were not able to make or receive calls.

The Solution

Sequel Motion and Level365 worked together to roll out a voice disaster recovery solution. Level365 donated the use of phones and set-up a Voice365 Cloud solution to duplicate their premised based phone systems that were knocked out of service by the severe weather. By simply forwarding their existing phone number to phone numbers provided by Level365, service was restored.

  • Polycom 550 IP Telephones
  • Voice365 Hosted Cloud

The Result

In a short period of time, clients were able to make and receive calls. Normally customers would have had to wait to get back to their storm and tornado-damaged business to do this. As an on-demand, month-to-month service, clients were not locked into long-term commitments and were able to easily switch back to their previous systems once they returned to their offices. Level365 and Sequel Motion handled all of the heavy lifting; all the clients had to do was contact their current provider to forward the number over to Level365.

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