Safeway Logistics Improves Efficiency with Move to Level365

The Transportation and Logistics services industry has experienced tremendous growth in the last few years. One company that has been a part of this growth is Safeway Logistics. Safeway Logistics has been serving the specialized product industry since 1969. The company focuses on moving, handling, and warehousing high-value products or items that require specialized handling. Safeway Logistics is dedicated to managing the supply chain for special products through various programs such as FTL, LTL, specialized flatbed, international containers, air freight, warehousing, inventory management, reverse logistics, consolidation, rollouts, on-site storage containers, and other value-added services
safeway logistics

The Issue

In 2007, the company was using an onsite phone system that it had purchased for business voice communications. In a period of less than 6 years, the phone system was becoming obsolete and could not handle some of the company’s evolving communication needs. Over the years, the company invested a large sum of money to maintain this onsite system. Any time the company wanted to make a change, such as adding a new employee or moving an employee from one location within the building to another, they had to call and pay for an onsite phone technician. Simple changes meant scheduling a phone technician to come onsite, waiting and spending even more time and money that could have been allocated toward other projects. The company discovered there was no upgrade that could be done to the onsite system to make it more effective. The only solution was to find a new system that would meet the company’s requirements and resolve the issues with the time and expense required to make any changes.
“Compared to our previous onsite system, Level365’s platform has several advantages. The biggest advantage is we no longer have to wait or pay to make simple changes. We have saved thousands of dollars over the last few years. There are also more features and functionality like the Mobile App that allow us to make and receive calls virtually anywhere. Their ongoing technical support is outstanding. ”

Blake Andrews | VP Operations

Safeway Logistics

The Solution

Safeway Logistics started shopping for a new business voice solution and consulted with Entouch Communications, a trusted Level365 partner. Level365’s cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform solved Safeway Logistics’ issues. For example, simple changes can be managed internally through the Web Portal platform for no charge. Small changes can be made instantly without the hassle of waiting or paying for an onsite technician. Complex changes can be handled by the company’s support team, where ongoing support is included with the service and there are no maintenance fees. Although Safeway Logistics was not initially familiar with Level365, there was peace of mind for the transition based on the company’s commitment to support throughout the entire transition; from start to finish. Level365 was able to answer questions and concerns during the decision-making process. Safeway Logistics would later seamlessly connect its Fort Wayne, IN, location to the Level365 platform as well.

The Result

There have been many improvements in efficiency since switching to the Level365 platform. Below are a few examples:


  • Cost Savings: Internal changes to the phone system can be made without incurring any additional costs. The company no longer incurs any maintenance fees as all ongoing maintenance and upgrades are managed and handled by Level365.
  • Time Savings: Changes can be performed “on-demand” via the Level365 Web Portal. Ongoing technical support is included, and Level365 answers support phone calls within 15 seconds or less on average.
  • Connectivity: Incoming calls are now handled more efficiently. With the Level365 Mobile App, Safeway employees, not at their desks, have the flexibility to receive and make calls from their mobile phones using their business phone number.
  • Flexibility: Safeway recently added a Fort Wayne, IN location, and was able to connect this location to the same platform as the Indianapolis headquarters. There was no need to purchase a separate phone system. Calls can be transferred between offices by only dialing an extension making it very efficient.

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