Level365 Helps AN Environmental Group Clean Up an Outdated Phone System

Level365 assisted an environmental group that did business with gas stations, dry cleaners, machine shops, and industrial facilities to keep them in regulatory compliance. The company has been operating for over 20 years, and their previous office was situated on a site that they cleaned up and made usable again using their remediation process. 


In 2018, the company needed to move to a new location to better suit its needs and future growth. The timeline for moving was condensed, and one item that would not be making a move was a self-described “ancient” onsite phone system.

environmental group mobilizing and saving the environment with UC

The Issue

The phone system was old and not conducive to what the environmental group needed to support its growing, dynamic and mobile workforce. One of the most significant problems was the inability to make any changes, even relatively simple changes, without calling, paying, and waiting for a service technician to perform the work. Onsite technical support was required for requests, such as changing an extension, phone number, name, or moving offices. Dealing with such changes meant spending time and money that could have been allocated toward other projects. 


The problem impacted both the Business Operations Manager and the team member requesting the change. With Level365, the environmental group could easily manage these changes internally through the Level365 Web Portal platform for free. Small changes can be made instantly without waiting or paying for a technician. Complex changes can be handled by the Level365 support team, where ongoing support is included with the service, and there are no maintenance fees.

“We appreciate how easy Level365 made everything for us. There were lots of changes to manage while moving but business communications and the phone system was not one we had to worry about. We know we made the right decision because the service is reliable, support is included, and we can make simple changes on our own anytime without having to pay a technician. Further, our team has all the tools to do their job anytime and anywhere with the Web Portal and Mobile App.”

- Business Operations Manager

The Solution

Moving into a new building meant finding a new business communications solution. The company considered various providers, but all companies provided cloud-hosted VoIP or Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). After reviewing multiple options, the final choice was Level365 because of the system’s reliability and ongoing access to a dedicated customer support team. In addition, they liked how Level365’s core business focuses solely on UCaaS. Many other providers offer traditional phone service in addition to VoIP solutions, but cloud-hosted services are not their primary business.

The Result

Changing and upgrading business communications can be overwhelming, but Level365 made the process turnkey for the environmental group, including porting phone numbers, setting up call flows, auto attendant, and call queues. The smooth and seamless onboarding process allowed the company to focus on other important decisions and projects. One of the most significant benefits the company realized right away was the flexibility and mobility of the Level365 Unified Communications platform. They moved into part of their new office while part of it was still being renovated. During this time, several employees were sharing an office. Many employees took advantage of using the Web Portal or Mobile App to work remotely while still being connected to the phone system and communications platform.

The environmental group considered providers that included equipment, but there was a trade-off of having to sign a 36-month agreement, whereas Level365 service is month-to-month with no required long-term contracts. Still, other providers had an ongoing rental charge for equipment. With Level365, there was an initial investment in desk phones, but it was a better overall decision than being locked into a long-term contract or pay ongoing rental fees.
When you’re making a significant decision, the biggest reservation was, “Am I picking the right company?” The company did not have to wait long to realize that they made a good choice. The process has been smooth since the time of transition. The company can now make the changes they need on their own without paying for a phone technician. Support is always available if needed, and the staff has embraced the service from the start; not only the reliability but also the flexibility and mobility that is part of the service when the team is away from their desk.

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