Level365 helps Wholesale Company Gain Control with UC

An Indianapolis-based Wholesaler of HVAC controls was having quality issues with its existing phone system. The company differentiates itself with technical support, free same-day shipping, and ease of installation built into every design.

The Issue

The Wholesaler had been relying on a national VoIP provider expecting a superior business voice service. Unfortunately, reality fell short of their expectations when the quality of call recordings resulted in frustration and wasted time for the company. Despite multiple requests for a solution to this issue, the national VoIP provider was unable to address the problem adequately. With their contract finally expiring, it was clear that a new solution was needed.

As an IT professional, I appreciate working with Level365.  I have a high level of confidence in their overall platform and network. Items such as their EdgeMarc quality of service (QoS) device ensure consistency of our overall service, unlike what we received from our previous VoIP provider. Level365 also provides outstanding ongoing support to address any problems that arise. We have come to realize that bigger is not always better when it comes to service, support, reliability, and quality. 

Network Administrator

Indiana Wholesale Company

The Solution

With a clear vision of what they needed from their communication solution provider. Here’s how Level365 addressed the wholesaler’s requirements:


Short-term Contract:

Having experienced the frustration of being locked into a long-term contract with a national VoIP provider, the wholesaler sought a provider that offered the flexibility to adapt to their changing communication needs.  


Reliable Service, including Call Recordings: 

Repetitive issues with call recordings were a thing of the past. Level365’s platform delivered high-quality recordings, empowering the wholesaler to operate more efficiently and provide better customer support.


Ongoing Support:

The company wanted a reliable partner who would stand behind their service. Partnering with Level365 meant gaining access to top-notch, U.S.-based technical support. Our team resolves issues quickly with an average answering time of less than 10 seconds. Over 98% of callers report their issues were adequately resolved, unlike their previous provider. Any problems are found, addressed, and fixed. 


Low Switching Costs:   

The wholesaler’s existing Polycom phones were compatible with Level365’s service, so new handsets were not required, leading to lower switching costs. 


Level365 Hosted UC Service:

  • Unlimited Local & Domestic Calls
  • Voicemail-to-Email and VM Transcription
  • Presence, Chat, and Video Collaboration
  • Web App with Softphone
  • Mobile App
  • Call Recording

The Result

Level365 provided the wholesale company with a customized, cloud-based Unified Communications platform that included reliable business voice service and clear call recordings. With month-to-month service, the wholesaler had complete control over their service with no long-term contracts. Additionally, ongoing technical support included with Level365 service provides the company with peace of mind. By choosing Level365, the wholesaler receives exceptional service, support, reliability, and quality from a dedicated provider rather than an industry giant.

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