Chat & SMS Messaging: UCaaS Feature Focus

Communicate with co-workers instantly and text clients from your business phone number with Chat & SMS Messaging from Level365. 

Using our Web App allows you to maintain your professional identity with business contacts as you communicate as messages will be sent from your work phone number and not your mobile number. Also, you can use SMS and Chat Messaging from our mobile app, Level365 Mobile Connect, for iOS and Android.

  • Chat: Included with your service, chat allows you to message teammates from within the Web or Mobile App.
  • SMS: Available for $2 per month per user, SMS allows sending messages to any SMS-enabled phone number such as a client’s mobile number. SMS must be authorized, set-up, and enabled by contacting our Support Team.

Using Chat & SMS Messaging

Access Chat and SMS messaging in either the Level365 Web App or Mobile App. Step-by-step instructions for using Chat & SMS Messaging are available in this support article


MMS (multi-media messaging) includes the ability to send pictures, GIFs, Emojis, audio files, or videos from either the Level365 Web App or Level365 Mobil Connect App.

Group Messaging

In addition to sending individual Chats to your teammates, you can now also send Group Messages to your teammates using the Web or Mobile App. You can enhance your Group Messaging with MMS.

Unread Email Notification

Any incoming SMS or Chat messages that remain unread for 5 minutes will be sent to an email notification so even messages that are not read in real-time will be more visible in a short amount of time. The email will include a transcript of the previous ten messages in the conversation.

Benefits in the Workplace

First, Chat and SMS messaging improve communication in the workplace because it allows messages to appear immediately, saving time. Co-workers can constantly and instantly stay updated when collaboration on key projects, even while working remotely.

Second, Chat & SMS messaging can improve customer service by allowing team members to collaborate quickly to solve customer’s problems in real-time, all through quick messages. 

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