We’re All In This Together When It Comes To COVID-19

No one is alone when it comes to fighting COVID-19. We are all in this together. Actions we take as individuals and collectively in the business community can make a difference in the fight against the spread of the virus.

At Level365, we are coming together to help protect our employees and clients. Below is an overview of what we are doing as a company to provide a safe working environment for our team as well as steps we are taking when interacting with clients.

Protecting Employees

In an effort to protect our team, we have implemented the following processes which can also be reviewed in our COVID-19 Preparedness Plan for Level365 Holdings:

  1. Social Distancing: In complying with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) social distancing requirements, our employees are maintaining six-foot social distancing within our office when possible.
  2. Personal Protective Equipment: Employees have access to face-covering masks and are asked to wear masks when outside of their office or workspace.
  3. Employee Health Screening: We want to ensure employees who come to the office are not experiencing a fever so we have a process to check employees daily using a touchless thermometer.
  4. Cleaning and Disinfecting:  We now offer additional and enhanced cleaning and disinfecting options including touchless hand sanitizer dispensers. These dispensers are located in high traffic areas of the office. We also offer cleaning wipes that are available throughout the office especially in common areas such as the kitchen, breakroom, and meeting rooms.
  5. Our Office Is Only Accessible To Employees: In an effort to protect employees, we will no longer allow non-employees access to our office. This measure protects our team and also limits any exposure we would have on visitors.

Protecting Clients

We are focused on providing outstanding support and reliable service for our clients regardless of the current circumstances. Most of our support is available over the phone or through online chat. We will work to limit our onsite support with clients. In those instances where our team members are required to go onsite to clients; we are requiring that it be during a date and time where our client’s employees are not present in order to limit overall exposure. We are providing remote provisioning and dropship of configured, labeled equipment. Please discuss this with our sales or support team for more information.

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