Five Tips for Strengthening Your Work-Life Balance

The importance of work-life balance is becoming more apparent in our current work environment. In fact,  72% of employees believe in the importance of work-life balance (Statista). Employees not having a work-life balance can lead to problems in and out of the workplace, such as burnout. In 2018, a survey showed that 43% of employees were concerned about burnout (UKG). Other problems that can arise from a lack of work-life balance include high stress and anxiety, health issues, lower productivity, feeling disconnected from their families, and overall lowering their quality of life. In order to be successful in your work and personal lives, it is essential that your work-life balance tools are up to date. Here are five ways you can strengthen your work-life balance:

1. Boundaries for Communication

In today’s workplace, it is easy to be completely accessible to your company at all times. Whether checking your email or responding to texts about work, these small actions can cause your work to invade your personal life. It is essential to set clear boundaries on when and what platform you can be contacted through, and try not to respond when someone breaks these boundaries. 

2. Take Care of Your Physical and Mental Health

Outside of work, it is essential to take some time for your health. Make sure you get some exercise, sleep enough hours at night, and check in with your mood and feelings. If you take care of your health, you will perform better at work and feel more relaxed outside of work.

3. Learn When to Say No

It can be challenging to say no at work. After all, you want to do your best and help your co-workers when you can. However, having too many responsibilities at work can cause a significant amount of stress. In fact, in 2018, 94% of American workers reported experiencing stress in their workplace (Wrike). This pressure can negatively impact your performance at work and stress your personal relationships outside of work. Next time you feel as though you have enough responsibilities, practice saying no!

4. Leave Work at Work (or in your office)

It can be tempting to bring your work home to get a head start for tomorrow. However, mixing your personal life and work life can lead to burnout and stress, negatively impacting your home life. When it comes to spending time with your loved ones, work can wait until tomorrow!

This concept can be more difficult for workers who are working remotely. It can seem impossible to separate your work and home lives when both occur in the same place. To gain some separation, remote workers should have a dedicated quiet space for their work separate from any home activities. This environment should be where you usually don’t spend much time in your home. You should also set strict time boundaries for yourself regarding when you start and stop work, just like you would if you went to the office!

5. Make Time for You

Between work and family, it can sometimes feel as though you have no time for yourself. To have a healthy balance in your life, you must take some time for yourself regularly! Have a time every day where you do something you enjoy! Watch an episode of your favorite show, read a book, work on your sewing, or whatever else makes you happy! You work hard to balance your work and relationships, so don’t forget about yourself!

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