7 Ways To Improve Your Team’s Efficiency & Collaboration

Improve Your Team's Efficiency

Learn seven ways to improve efficiency and increase collaboration with your existing Level365 service. Almost all of these features are included with Level365’s Unified Communications service. Each one can help your teams connect anytime, anywhere. Below are a few of our team’s favorites:



(1) Level365 Mobile App

Our mobile app, Level365 Mobile Connect, offers you the flexibility to stay connected even when you are out of the office. Make and receive calls from your work phone number on your mobile device, access voicemail, and much more. Available for iOS and Android devices.



App Store with Level365 Mobile Connect App        Google Play for Level365 Mobile Connect App



➡️  Watch the short video below or read our support article on using Level365 Mobile Connect for directions.




(2) Web Phone: Use Your Computer As Your Phone

The Level365 Web Phone within our Web App allows you to turn your computer into your desk phone. The Web Phone makes it very convenient for those who don’t have a desk phone, are on the go often, or simply prefer using their computer over a desk phone. Use your computer as your phone to access voicemail, make & receive calls, send chat messages, view call history, and more. Another option is the new Level365 Softphone Pro, allowing you to call from your computer and includes additional features like auto answering or ending calls using your headset. 



➡️  Watch the short video below or read our support article to learn how to use Level365 Web Phone.




(3) Video with Collaboration (Beta)

Improve communications, collaboration, and efficiency with our new Video with Collaboration. This service is a video conferencing platform, similar to Zoom, that lets you conduct video or audio-based meetings and webinars from your computer.



You can schedule reoccurring or one-time meetings. Each meeting includes chat, screen sharing, recording, and dedicated meeting rooms for your team. 



➡️  Learn more by watching the short video below or reading our support article on using Video with Collaboration.




(4) Voicemail-to-Email with Transcription

With our voicemail service, you can access your messages from anywhere. Like a traditional voicemail, you can still listen to messages through your desk phone. However, you can also see and listen to them from your cell phone or computer using the Level365 Mobile Connect App and Web App, respectively. Another great feature is having your voicemail message transcribed to text. Your messages are also sent to your email with voicemail transcription powered by Google Cloud Speech-to-Text.



➡️  Learn more about setting up Voicemail-to-Email with Transcription in the below video or by reading this support article.




(5) Chat & SMS Messaging

Level365 offers Chat and SMS through our Web App and Level365 Mobile Connect App to improve your team’s efficiency and collaboration. Our UC Premium service includes chat that allows you to message teammates within your domain from either the Web App or Mobile App. SMS is an available add-on service for sending messages to any SMS-enabled phone number, such as a client’s mobile number.



➡️  Learn more by watching the below video or reading our support article on Chat & SMS Messaging



(6) Click-to-Call Chrome Extension

The Level365 Click-to-Call for Google Chrome integrates your Level365 UC into Chrome to allow click-to-call functionality. Just click a number from a website or email while using Google Chrome, and the number will dial automatically on your desk phone. Although click-to-call is currently available within the Level365 Web App, this extends the functionality to other places on your computer while using Chrome.



➡️  Learn more about setting up and using Click-to-Call.



(7) Simultaneous Ring

Never miss a call with Simultaneous Ring. Set answering rules that allow multiple devices to ring at the same time, such as your desk phone and mobile phone. Answering rules allow you to define how you want calls to be handled.  For example, you could have it simultaneously ring your desk and mobile phone or forward to a colleague or go directly to voicemail. Combined with Time Frames, you can define different call flow logic for different times of day or week. 



➡️  Learn more about setting up Simultaneous Ring in this support article.




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