UC Solutions For Government from Level365

At Level365, our team is dedicated to taking the hassle out of managing communications for all types of businesses including counties, cities, and towns. 

We often find that government entities are saddled with managing disparate systems, vendors, and contracts. Everything is complicated and expensive. The cost of the service varies based on usage which creates budgeting challenges. In addition, many onsite phone systems charge yearly maintenance fees. 

Tired of dealing with an onsite phone system and a traditional telecommunications service provider? Then it’s time for a change to one of Level365’s Unified Communications (UC) solutions for government.

The Hassle of an Onsite Phone System

Often counties, cities, and towns (and many other businesses) have made an “investment” in an onsite phone system. In addition to the initial cost of purchasing the onsite equipment, there are often yearly maintenance and support fees that can equate to thousands of dollars per year.

Any changes such as adding new users or moving someone within the organization, require scheduling, waiting, and spending money for an onsite phone technician. These simple changes typically cost several hundred dollars per change and are not typically part of your budget. Think about each time a new employee starts or someone moves to a new location; it can really add up. These changes can easily cost thousands of dollars per year. Some companies have an IT resource that can make some changes, but typically internal resources are already spread thin managing other systems, software, and infrastructure.

In the long run, an onsite phone system is an investment that costs far more than the initial upfront costs. Level365’s UC voice + collaboration solutions for counties, cities, and towns provide a much lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in the long term.

Traditional Telecommunications Charges

On top of managing an onsite phone system, there are monthly service charges and often long-term contracts from a telecommunications provider. Many companies list a price for monthly service, but then charge 20 to 40% more than their listed price due to hidden fees and other surcharges. Why does this happen? Business is competitive and many providers feel as though they can gain an advantage by listing a low price.

Level365 Makes Communications Easy

At Level365, we make communications easy. Our Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is an All-In-One solution. We host your phone system plus we handle all of the upgrades and maintenance as a part of the monthly service. There are no upgrade fees or yearly maintenance costs. We also provide the communications service itself.

We have experience providing UC solutions for government entities so we understand the factors that are unique and important to you including:

(1) Predictable Pricing with Cost Center Breakouts

We understand the importance of predictable pricing for budgeting purposes. We know that budgets are important for all organizations, but especially for counties, cities, and towns. Let’s face it, no one likes going over budget and having to explain budget variances every month. Since our service is a predictable monthly cost per user without hidden fees, you can easily set up a budget line item and stay within that budget each month. Our service also includes upgrades and maintenance so unexpected charges won’t hit you either.

(2) Simple Billing

Other providers often send multiple invoices from various carriers that are difficult to manage, budget, and allocate across cost centers. We provide one invoice for your organization with cost center breakouts to help ensure you can allocate funds correctly for each department or agency within your organization.

(3) Non-Emergency Dispatch Integration

Our service is flexible and we can easily integrate with your non-emergency dispatch service. We have found that many counties, cities, and towns struggle with connecting their existing communications system to their non-emergency dispatch. Other providers offer just one solution that is not streamlined or easy to integrate. Adding or changing anything often requires new equipment and installation charges.  Level365 can work with your current dispatch provider to help easily integrate the non-emergency phone numbers.

(4) IT Friendly Solution

Your IT department is probably already stretched thin supporting various locations, hardware, software, and more. We update and maintain our cloud-based platform so you don’t have to, and for no additional cost. This saves time, hassles, and headaches for IT staff and differentiates our solution from other solutions that are not as IT-friendly. Some companies charge yearly maintenance fees that can be thousands of dollars per year. You can manage changes such as adding a user or moving someone to a different location for free via our Web Portal or by contacting our support team. Say goodbye to the days of calling, waiting for, and paying for an onsite phone technician to make simple changes.

Our service also includes ongoing technical support. Not only do we answer support calls within 15 seconds or less on average; we also have a 99% customer satisfaction rating with our current customers. Read more about all of the IT benefits of UCaaS.

(5) Scalable

Unlike traditional phone systems, there are no system capacity issues. You can expand as you grow without adding expensive equipment and you only pay for active users. You must upgrade traditional phone systems in multiples of 4’s, 8’s, etc. Adding one more employee can cost a lot if you have reached your traditional system’s capacity.  You can also scale down as well. We do not lock customers into required long-term contracts. Our service is month-to-month so we deliver quality service or customers are free to leave with no strings attached. Other providers require long-term contracts with termination fees.

(6) Connect Multiple Locations

You can tie multiple locations together for a seamless experience for your constituents while still allowing flexibility for each department that runs independently of one another. For example, in many towns, we integrate all departments under one system but still keep independent ring patterns for each department (Water, Fire, Wastewater, Police, etc). Calls can be transferred between government buildings by only dialing an extension which improves overall efficiency and provides better customer service. 

Interested in hearing more about our UC solutions for counties, cities, and towns? You can request a quote or read more about how we helped Howard County Indiana save money and improve their overall communications.

About Level365: Level365 offers a complete Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution with enterprise voice that is customizable and scalable for counties, cities, and towns. Our service seamlessly integrates communication among desk phones, computers, and mobile devices to support remote teams and provide flexibility for on-campus staff. The UC platform extends beyond voice communications with Unified Messaging, Analytics, Presence, Chat/SMS, Cloud Faxing, CRM Integrations and more.

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