An Internship for the books.


Interns play a pivotal part in our team at Level365. Our in-person internship program offers interns a well-rounded job opportunity. Gain professional experience in either Sales or Marketing in a risk-free workspace. We help interns explore their personal career interests, make meaningful contributions to the company, and foster success after graduation.

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"This is one of the best internships I have had! One of the best things about Level365 is the independence you have over your work. You really get to make your work your own here."

Fall 2021

"I loved my experience working for Level365. I learned and grew so much from my internship experience, and I know that you [future interns] will too."

Spring 2021

"Reminiscing on my first week, I remember walking in and not knowing what I was doing. But by the end of that week, I knew that everyone was right beside me, ready to help any way they could. That.. reassured me that Level365 was a place that cared about developing me.

Spring 2021
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The Power of Cloud Culture

Experience what our company culture is all about and see why our team loves working here!

Ready to Apply?

See if our applications are listed on our Handshake and Work & Learn Indiana Profiles. They usually go up around the following dates:

  • Summer Applications: Live in February or March
  • Fall Applications: Live in June or July
  • Spring Applications: Live in October

Don’t know which to apply through? Either work! Most schools give students a login to a hiring platform called Handshake; however, anyone can apply through Work and Learn Indiana. If you are an Indiana resident, we recommend applying through Work & Learn Indiana! 

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