Meet our Direct Sales Account Executive, Aaron

We’re pleased to announce that Aaron Shaff has joined the Level365 team as our new Direct Sales Account Executive! As an experienced salesperson in the technology industry, he’s excited to work closely with businesses and organizations, both public and private, to deliver transformational communication solutions.

Aaron’s journey has been centered around people whether in sales, as a trainer, or between the lines of a soccer field. His sales experience has ranged from queue sales rep to strategic account manager, boots-on-the-street hunter to road warrior. He spent several years in the restaurant industry while also working as a youth-academy soccer trainer before moving into wide-format print aids. Over the past 12 years, he has worked for big organizations, holding six different sales and tech roles. This includes roles in major OEM companies in the technology hardware and software industries.

Aaron’s passion for people begins with his wife and two kids, extended family and friends, and a growing network of customers and colleagues. He loves to spend his time outdoors, walking his dogs, lounging around the lake, attending live music, and playing soccer and golf. 

Whether it’s personal or professional, Aaron lives off of building lasting relationships, and all of it revolves around people and connections. He’s thrilled to continue his career doing just that for Level365 as a Direct Sales Account Executive! 


  • Is a licensed soccer coach
  • Graduated from Earlham College
  • Enjoys watching his two kids grow up, seeing live music, and hangouts with my wife, family, and friends.
  • Grew up a Disney kid and is passing on the family tradition

Q&A WITH Aaron

What is your go-to restaurant or favorite meal?

I could eat tacos every day. 🌮

What was your 1st job ever? Did you enjoy it?

Bagging groceries at Marsh, and what do you think? 😆

What is your favorite genre of music or band?      

All kinds: jam bands, rock, bluegrass, etc. 🪕


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