Meet Our New Customer Success Specialists, Danya and Hannah

Meet Danya and Hannah

We are excited to announce that Danya Tabar and Hannah Horton have joined the Level365 team as our new Customer Success Specialists!


With a shared passion for improving customer experiences, Danya and Hannah bring a wealth of expertise and are dedicated advocates for our clients. They will ensure seamless integration, smooth onboarding, and ongoing success with our UCaaS solutions. By working closely with customers to understand their unique needs, they will provide personalized guidance to help everyone get the most out of their business phone service. Let’s meet them both!


Danya - customer success specialist headshot

A little more about dayna

  • Grew up in Fishers, Indiana
  • Attended Indiana University, majoring in Science Communication with a PR focus & a minor in Marketing 
  • She is always cheering on her favorite sports team, Michigan Football, GO BLUE!
  • If you're looking to spark a conversation, Dayna can endlessly talk about fashion and her passion for fashion photography.
  • Spends her free time hiking, dancing, doing yoga, and basking in the sunshine.

Q&A with Danya

What was your 1st job ever? Did you enjoy it?

I worked at a bagel shop and did not like it because I had to be there at 6 a.m. every weekend.

What is your favorite TV show?  My all-time favorite TV shows are Scandal and Spongebob!

What is your favorite family tradition? Coming together at the end of the holy month of Ramadan and help the community.

Hannah - customer success specialist headshot

A little more about Hannah

  • Grew up in Greenfield, Indiana
  • She enjoys a wide variety of music genres but tends to steer clear of the screamo side.
  • She is an avid Colts and Michigan Football fan too!
  • When not in the office, Hannah can be found rock climbing, going to concerts, or enjoying backyard bonfires. 
  • Her first job was working at Long John Silvers. She loved it and could deep fry anything under the sun!
Q&A with Hannah

What is your favorite meal?

Sweet & Sour Chicken and chocolate for dessert! I always try to start with dessert first!

What is a fun fact about you? I can ride a unicycle!

What makes you smile the most? Reflecting on life events and memories. Plus, getting to know people, their heritage, upbringing, and what brings them joy adds a lot of happiness to my life.

What is your favorite TV show? Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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