Level365 New UC Features Release: Summer 2019

Level365 is pleased to announce the launch of new UC features that further enhance efficiency, communications, and collaboration on our platform.

New UC Features include the following:

  • Video Collaboration and Screen Sharing
  • CRM Integrations
  • Call Center Analytics Dashboard
  • Web Phone Client Updates
  • Voicemail Message Sharing Options
  • SMS/Chat Email Notifications
  • Audio and Metadata Encryption
  • Mobile App Updates

Every year we continue to add more features to your existing service. Almost all of the features listed below are included with our Premium UC subscription.

Video Collaboration & Screen Sharing

Each user has access to Video Collaboration where you can invite other participants to join via email for real-time collaboration. Video Collaboration is best for internal meetings and collaboration. It is not meant to replace Zoom, GoToMeeting, or other webinar services. This feature is included with our Premium UC subscription. Video Collaboration includes the following:

  • Invite up to 16 participants
  • Group Chat
  • Screen Sharing

Learn how to use Video Collaboration.

CRM Integrations

Integrating your Level365 UC service with your CRM can provide significant productivity gains to your organization. Level365 now offers the following options for CRM Integrations:

(1) Level365 CRM Connect Lite for Chrome:

This free Google Chrome plug-in offers database-driven screen pops using APIs for popular web-based applications such as HubSpot, Netsuite, Salesforce, Zendesk, and more. The plug-in also recognizes any phone number presented in Google Chrome and transforms it into a clickable link for seamless click-to-dial. Learn more about using CRM Connect Lite.

(2) Level365 CRM Connect Pro:

This Windows-only service is $5 per month per user and offers more features than Lite.  Popular features include caller preview information, contact screen popping, activity logging, contact searching, and click-to-dial. Available applications include Act! 2010+, ConnectWise, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zendesk, and more. Learn more about using CRM Connect Pro.

Call Center Analytics Dashboard

Call Center Analytics Dashboard allows our Call Center add-on users the ability to create customized dashboards or wallboards for call center environments. These dashboards are configurable with a grid-style layout for showing key metrics such as agents online, active calls, call volume, average wait time, and more. There is the ability to both customize and share boards with teams internally or via public links. Learn more about setting up Call Center Analytics.

Web Phone Client and Multiple Calls

The Web Phone Client on the Level365 Web Portal gives you the complete functionality of a desktop phone from your computer. This includes making and receiving calls, accessing voicemail, using Chat/SMS messaging, viewing call history, and more. Multiple calls are now available on the Web Phone Client which means you can now conduct a 3-Way Call.

To access the WebPhone Client, go in the Web Portal and click “Web Phone Client” at the top of the screen. To learn how to use the Web Phone Client, click here.

Voicemail Message Sharing Options

In addition to being able to manually share individual voicemail messages with other co-workers via our Web Portal, you can now also set-up an option to share all of your voicemail messages ongoing.

Our Voicemail Distribution feature provides the option to continually share a copy of their voicemail with other users. It also provides your Office Manager the ability to automatically distribute copies of a voicemail for queues or ring groups. Learn more here.

Email Notification of Unread Chat/SMS

Chat & SMS support was recently added to both the Level365 Web Portal and Mobile App. Chat is included with your service and allows you to message teammates from either the Web Portal or Mobile App. SMS is available for a nominal fee per month per user. SMS allows sending messages to any SMS enabled phone number.

Any incoming Chat or SMS messages that remain unread for 5 minutes will be sent an email notification. The email notification will include a transcript of the previous ten messages in the conversation to provide a context to the conversation. Learn more about using SMS and Chat

Audio and Metadata Encryption

Audio and Metadata Encryption enhancements are now available through SRTP and TLS. Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) is an extension to Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP); it provides encryption and authentication to SIP devices for enhanced security. Transport Layer Security (TLS) encrypts call metadata.

Mobile App Updates

The recently updated Level365 mobile client for UC is now live and available in both the Apple App and Google Play stores. With this latest update, we have rebranded our mobile client to Level365 Mobile Connect to better fit within our UC product stack. Improvements include a complete UI redesign, Chat/SMS functionality, performance improvements, and more. 

Current mobile users should see an update available in their app store (or automatically updated) as of late July and if you haven’t used our mobile application, please try it out by downloading from the links below.

Google Play for Level365 Mobile Connect App App Store with Level365 Mobile Connect App

Use your Web Portal credentials to access the Mobile App. To learn more about installing and using Level365 Mobile Connect click here.

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Learn More About Other Level365 Features

If you are new to Level365, we invite you to join a 30-minute live webinar. This webinar is also great for people unfamiliar with our web portal or mobile app. We will provide information on using our most popular advanced UC features. Unable to join the live webinar? Watch an on-demand replay here.

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