New Features for Unified Communications from Level365: Fall 2018 Updates

Level365 is pleased to announce the recent launch of new features on our Web Portal. New Features include the following: Web Phone Client, a Mobile App for iOS and Android devices, Voicemail TranscriptionClick-to-Call, SMS/ChatCRM Integrations and more. Level365 is dedicated to providing our customers with features that offer more flexibility, information, and insight that extend beyond your desk phone to your PC and mobile devices. Our unique platform allows for complete Unified Communications (UC) solutions to help you work better on a variety of devices, whenever and wherever you want.

As your managed platform provider, we are pleased to provide almost all of these new features for no additional cost. Please note that you cannot accidentally purchase premium features because they require approval, set-up, and configuration before being enabled.

New Features List:

(1) Voicemail Transcription

You can have your voicemails transcribed to text and sent to you in email, as well as viewable in the portal. To set-up this feature, follow these simple steps. First, log in to the Level365 Web App, then go to Messages and Settings. Next, scroll down to Email Notifications and select voicemail-to-email, and choose Google Speech-to-Text voicemail transcription to choose your options. Finally, click “Save”. View our support article on voicemail or watch this video for more detailed information.

(2) SMS and Chat Function

We have added a chat function that will allow you to chat with your teammates, as well as text clients from within the Level365 Web app portal. Your service includes chat messaging with your co-workers for no additional cost. However, you must enable SMS and there is a nominal fee per month per user. You can read more about SMS and Chat on our support page.

(3) CRM Integrations

Connect your phone system with more than 40 CRMs, ERPs, and Help Desk application options including Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, and more. Gain access to a full sales automation platform and seamlessly capture prospect and customer interactions. Additionally, work more efficiently by unlocking instant click-to-dial, caller info screen-pops, and advanced call analytics that tie into many CRMs. To learn more about this solution, contact us or call us at 1-800-590-2568. Additional fee per user per month for this feature.

(4) Web Phone Client

Use your desk phone from your computer. It operates just like a phone on your desk. The Web Phone Client on our Web App gives you the complete functionality of a desktop phone from your computer, including making and receiving calls, accessing voicemail, checking Chat/SMS messages, and viewing call history. To use the Web Phone, simply login to the Level365 Web App and go to “Web Phone Client” at the top of the page. There are more detailed instructions for the Web Phone on our support page.

(5) Mobile App for iOS and Android Devices

Our Mobile app, Level365 Mobile Connect, extends the functionality of our UC platform beyond the office to give you flexibility, convenience, information, and mobility. It brings features of the Level365 platform directly to your mobile device as a full UC solution including the ability to make and receive calls with the same identity as your office number from your mobile device. Level365 Mobile Connect also allows you to seamlessly transfer an ongoing call from one device to another and continue the call without interruption. Additionally, you have the ability to see call history, missed calls, manage contacts, voicemail, and configure answering rules. Search “Level365 Mobile Connect” in either the App Store for iOS or Google Play Android app store. Your login and password for the Web App is used for the Mobile App. 

(6) Click-to-Call Chrome Extension

Why waste time dialing? Download the Level365 Click-to-Call Chrome extension. The Level365 Click-to-Call for Google Chrome integrates your Level365 UC into Chrome to allow click-to-call functionality. Although click-to-call is currently available inside the Level365 Web Portal, this extends it to other places on your computer while using Google Chrome. Just hover over a number and select “Call”. Then, your desk phone will ring and the number is dialed automatically when you pick up your phone. Download the Chrome extension or view detailed set-up instructions.

(7) Attendant Console for the Web

The Attendant Console allows receptionists to handle multiple calls at the same time, using a simple and integrated view of presence status, directory, list of calls, memos, speed dials and much more. Learn more about using the Attendant Console.

(8) Voicemail Distribution List

In the past, voicemail only went to an individual user or you had to configure a distribution email list. Our Voicemail Distribution List provides Office Managers the ability to automatically distribute copies of a voicemail to multiple inboxes. This feature allows each user to control what happens to the message in their own inbox without affecting what happens to the voicemail in other inboxes. Our support page features more information about setting up Voicemail Distribution and more.

For example, consider a sales team that uses a single phone number for incoming sales calls. It would be inconvenient to have to log into that account every time someone leaves a voicemail. With the Voicemail Distribution List feature, each salesperson would be able to receive the message in their own inbox and decide to save or delete it without affecting other users or the main sales team’s voicemail records. For Office Managers, who need help setting up this feature contact us at 1-800-590-2568, option 1 or fill out a support ticket.

(9) New Cloud Fax Platform

Email to Fax now allows easy inbound and outbound faxing from your desktop. There is an additional fee per user per month for this feature, which includes 250 inbound/outbound pages. We can also support your current analog fax machines with our Fax ATA solution. This solution eliminates the need for dedicated and expensive phone lines by connecting to your existing network. Our Fax ATA supports HTTPS fax connections and allows fax machines and multifunction printers (MFPs) to easily integrate with the Level365 UC Cloud. Learn more about the cloud fax platform, or if you are interested in this solution, contact us or call us at 1-800-590-2568.

(10) New Call Park Option

Call Parking is a feature that allows a caller to be put on hold and any phone in your office can then retrieve this hold call. When a call is parked, the caller will hear your company’s hold music. You can now place a call on Park by pressing the Park button (if available) on your desk phone. You can also still place a call on Park by pressing the asterisk button 3 times “***”.

New to Level365 Web App?

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About Level365: Level365 offers a complete Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution with enterprise voice that is customizable and scalable for your business. Our service seamlessly integrates communication among desk phones, computers, and mobile devices to support remote teams and provide flexibility for on-campus staff. The UC platform extends beyond voice communications with Unified Messaging, Analytics, Presence, Chat/SMS, Cloud Faxing, CRM Integrations, and more.


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