Level365 Referral Program

Earn Rewards for Referring Business to Level365

Do you know a business that could benefit from the Level365 service? Refer them to us and earn a VISA gift card or a credit towards your account when the referral becomes a customer.

How the Program Works:

  1. Fill out the referral form on this page with the company you are referring first and then your information.
  2. We will contact the company you referred to us and keep you updated.
  3. When the referred company becomes a customer, you will receive your reward.


The amount of the reward (gift card or credit toward your account) is based on the customer’s second month of recurring service.
For example, if the customer’s service is $500 per month, then you will get either a $500 gift card or a credit toward your account.


Note: When you as the referring party receive referral rewards that meet or exceed $600 within a calendar year, the referring party will be subject to IRS tax guidelines for income


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