Introducing Level365 Softphone Pro

Level365 is pleased to announce our new softphone, Level365 Softphone Pro powered by Bria. A softphone allows you to make and receive calls on your computer using your work phone number.

Level365 Softphone Pro offers an easy-to-use interface, the ability to answer or end calls using your headset, as well as the ability to control calls with call waiting and call transfer functionality. The software can also automatically load on your computer upon login. The service is available for either Windows or Mac.

Use Your Computer as a Phone

The Level365 Softphone Pro powered by Bria allows you to make and receive calls from your computer using your business phone number. Below is a list of other key features.

Level365 Softphone Pro Features:

  • Make & Receive calls from your work phone number
  • Headset Control to answer and end calls 
  • Call Control including Call Waiting and Call Transfer
  • Auto Answering (great for Call Center & Support Teams)
  • Automatically loads upon computer login

Level365 Softphone Pro powered by Bria is available for either Windows or Mac for $5 per month per user in addition to UC Premium seat license

➡️  Contact us to learn more about using Level365 Softphone Pro.

Level365 Web Phone Client

Level365 also offers a Web Phone client that is included with our UC Premium service seat license for no additional charge. The Web Phone is available within our Web Portal. The Web Phone, unlike the Level365 Softphone Pro, is browser-based using Google Chrome. Both services allow the ability to make and receive calls from your work computer on your phone. View a comparison of the Level365 Soft Phone Pro and Web Phone.

➡️  Learn more about using the Level365 Web Phone.

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