Easy Sign-On and Advanced Security Options

Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)



Single Sign-On:

Make your day even easier by using our new Single Sign-On (SSO) feature. This tool allows you to log into the Level365 Web and Mobile App using your Google or Microsoft Office365 credentials. To enable SSO, have a company administrator call the Level365 Support Team at 1-800-590-2568, option 1, or fill out this online support form.



➡️  Note: To enable this SSO for your domain, contact our Support team. Once it is enabled, log in using your Google or Microsoft365 login information. For a more detailed walk-through, read this support article



Multi-Factor Authentication:

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an additional level of security to your accounts through the use of a ‘time-based one-time password’ (TOTP). A TOTP is a time-sensitive code that regenerates every few minutes through a security app, like Google Authenticator. MFA protects against fraudulent activity caused by compromised credentials.



➡️  Note: Your administrator can set up Multi-Factor Authentication through Level365’s web app. For a detailed walkthrough, read this support article


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