Two Ways to Work Remotely With Level365

Nearly 50% of the workforce currently works at least part of the time remotely. Given recent global circumstances, this number increased dramatically over the past few years and will remain higher than normal in 2022.

Your existing Level365 offers two ways for you to stay connected regardless of your situation; hybrid, remote, or in-office.

(1) Level365 Mobile Connect

Make and receive calls from your work phone number using your mobile phone. With Level365 Mobile Connect, you have the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere.

Level365 Mobile Connect offers the following functionality:

  • Make and receive calls from your work phone number
  • Access Voicemail
  • View Call History
  • Save, Forward, or Delete Voicemails
  • Record a new Voicemail Greeting
  • View Contacts
  • Send & Receive SMS and Chat Messages
  • View & Change Answering Rules

Download our Mobile App for iOS and Android devices, or click on the badges below:

             App Store with Level365 Mobile Connect App              Google Play for Level365 Mobile Connect App

➡️  Need help using Level365 Mobile Connect? Watch the short video below or read our support article for detailed instructions and a user guide.


(2) Level365 Web Phone Client

Make and receive calls from your work phone number using your computer. The Level365 Web Phone is available within our Web App. Simply login in and select “Web Phone Client” from the App menu at the top of the site.

The Level365 Web Phone offers the following functionality: 

  • Make and receive calls from your work phone number
  • Access Voicemail
  • Save, Forward, or Delete Voicemails
  • Record a new Voicemail Greeting
  • Send & Receive SMS and Chat Messages
  • View Call History
  • View Contacts
  • Change Answering Rules

➡️  Learn more about using the Web Phone Client by watching the short video below or by reading this support article.


Other Level365 Features That Improve Communications & Collaboration

Interested in other tools included with your service that can help you work more efficiently while you are working remotely? Below are a few more we thought you might find useful.

Video with Collaboration:

Improve communications, collaboration, and efficiency with our new Video with Collaboration service.

Video with Collaboration is a video conferencing platform, similar to Zoom, that lets you conduct video or audio-based meetings and webinars from your computer.

You can schedule reoccurring or one-time meetings with additional features like chat, screen sharing, recording, and dedicated meeting rooms for your team.

➡️ Read more about how to use Video Collaboration.

Chat & SMS Messaging:

Level365 offers Chat and SMS through our Web App and Level365 Mobile Connect App.

  • Chat: Our UC Premium service includes Chat allowing you to message co-workers within your domain using Level365 service from either the Web App or Level365 Mobile Connect app.
  • SMS: This is an available add-on service for sending messages to any SMS-enabled phone number, such as a client’s mobile number. Prior to using SMS, the service has to be authorized by your company and set up by our Support Team.

Any incoming SMS or Chat messages that remain unread for 5 minutes will be sent an email notification. The email will include a transcript of the previous ten messages in the conversation to provide the previous context.

➡️ Learn more about using Chat and SMS Messaging.

Click-to-Call Chrome Extension:

Why waste time dialing? With the Level365 Click-to-Call Google Chrome extension, you can make calls with just a click instead of dialing a phone number. The Level365 Click-to-Call for Google Chrome™ integrates your Level365 UC into Chrome to allow click-to-dial functionality.  Simply click on a number, and the number is dialed automatically on your desk phone. 

➡️ Download Click-to-Call today. Read how to set up and use Click-to-Call in this support article.

Ready to Learn More? Attend an Upcoming Training Webinar.

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