Understanding UCaaS

If you’re reading this, you probably just heard the term “Unified Communications as a Service” or “UCaaS” (maybe for the first time) and are looking for answers. So, let’s break it down.

What Is UCaaS?

UCaaS is a phone system or platform that merges multiple communication methods within a business. Think combining your office phone, instant messaging, and other communication tools your company uses-plus the ability to make and receive those calls from your office phone number anywhere using a computer or mobile device. The traditional method for office phones, known as an on-premise phone system, requires many cables and wires to run through the walls to work, making it difficult for companies to add or move employees within the office. Requiring a dedicated line to make and complete a call makes scalability limited, meaning you may have to invest in additional hardware, dedicated lines, and labor as your business grows, which can become quite expensive. So how does UCaaS eliminate those hassles?

What Does UCaaS Include?

UCaaS includes communication tools like chat, video calls, faxing, and (you guessed it) phone calls. Unlike on-premise systems, UCaaS services use a calling system known as VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol. Instead of using a landline or a mobile network connected through old and restrictive wires to make and receive calls, VoIP only needs a stable internet connection. VoIP provides the ability to deliver data, video, and voice simultaneously, all while remaining vastly scalable and convenient.

What are the Benefits of UCaaS?

So all this is good, but how does your company directly benefit from this form of telecommunication? When you choose UCaaS, you are saying goodbye to the restrictive, unnecessary expenses related to on-premise systems and hello to audio conferencing equipment and services, online meetings, and web conferencing, among so many other solutions all on one service platform. Simultaneously save on the installation and maintenance when you switch from an on-premise phone system, along with utilities, real estate or property leases, new users, and data center management.

How does UCaaS Improve Communications?

With UCaaS, your business is at less risk for communication silos that work separately and don’t talk commonly with one another. All conversations and information occur on the same platform, so communication across the board is convenient, flexible, and accessible. By having a web-based interface, UCaaS solutions are easy to access from anywhere, so employees can communicate day-to-day on their terms. UCaaS takes away the hassle and complications of on-premise equipment and communication tools.

Ready for More?

Now that you know how UCaaS works, you probably have a better understanding of why more businesses are choosing UCaaS Cloud Communications Platforms when it comes to the future of the workplace. If you want to know more about what UCaaS can do for your business or are interested in receiving a quote, connect with one of our business development managers!

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