Ashley’s Story: Connecting with Video Conferencing

Meet Ashley and learn how she uses Video with Collaboration service to connect with teammates and key donors from anywhere.


Ashley #1


Ashley is the Executive Director of an Indianapolis non-profit organization. The non-profit offers after-school youth programs for Title 1 elementary and middle school students. Her direct team is small and includes an outside marketing agency that helps plan upcoming campaigns and events. Although working from home is more convenient, Ashley often finds herself missing the face-to-face interactions she had in the office. Luckily, since Ashley’s organization has Level365’s service, they can just use video conferencing.


Luckily, Ashley’s organization has Level365’s service, so they can use Video with Collaboration to video call anytime. Level365 offers a video conferencing platform that makes communicating with her teammates easy. It gives her non-profit agency the features they need to run it successfully, including screen sharing with her team members hosting monthly webinars with key donors and members. Video with Collaboration is perfect for organizations, like Ashley’s, that are cost-conscious. Video conferencing is included in an existing Level365 service. Now, Ashley’s organization can spend less money on additional video conferencing platforms and continue to build student programming.


Ashley’s Thoughts

Anytime I get to see my team’s smiling faces, especially when working remotely, makes my day THAT much better. Sometimes I get confused using video confrencing platforms, but Level365’s was simple to use and navigate. I was able to start and schedule meetings with ease and now don’t have to give a second thought about scheduling our monthly webinar. Everyone can collaborate through screen sharing, chat and video. We get much more accomplished during our video meetings all while saving money! ” 

Ashley #3

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