Jason’s Story: Calling Through a Computer

Meet Jason* and learn how he uses his computer and the Level365 Web Phone to make work calls from anywhere.
Jason #2

Jason is a project manager for a small residential construction company based out of Dayton, Ohio. This job requires him to work on-the-go, often working in coffee shops, construction sites, and at home. He is interested in a platform that would allow for him to call through his computer. The  Level365 Web Phone allows him to swiftly message his co-workers, send images to the office staff or clients, and make calls from his computer without needing to distract himself by pulling out his phone.

One of the biggest challenges he faces is juggling multiple projects simultaneously, all without the luxury of being in the office. Luckily, Jason can quickly and easily use his computer (or Level365 Mobile App) to set up a makeshift office anywhere. It’s perfect for those moments when he’s already on a roll; no breaks or distractions necessary.

Jason’s Thoughts

I’m rarely at my desk, so using the [Level365] Web Phone allows me to stay connected through my laptop. I can quickly access everything I need to make calls, check voicemail, and view call history. I often find myself getting distracted by all of the notifications every time I pull out my phone, so having the ability to call straight from my laptop makes it easy, as all my work is in one place.




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