4 Reasons Why Unified Communications Is so Important

Why is Unified Communications (UC) so important? Below are 4 key reasons but first, let’s understand a little more about UC.

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications is the integration of enterprise communication services via a common platform. The real benefit of UC service is that it enables users to manage their communications from one platform rather than separate systems. As a result, UC improves, enhances, and facilitates better overall connectivity, information, and end-to-end solutions compared to using disparate 

What is the value of Unified Communications?

The value of UC is improved productivity through connectivity, real-time information, collaboration, flexibility, and mobility.  

What is an example of Unified Communications?

An Example of UC includes the ability to make and receive calls from your office phone number from either your computer or mobile device. In this fashion, there is a unified experience no matter what device you’re using. Non-voice examples include text or chat, cloud faxing, and integrated messaging including voicemail-to-email.

Now that we have a better understanding of UC, let’s dive into the 4 reasons why it is so important…

Reason #1 = Improve Efficiency

Unified Communications are so important first and foremost because they improve your team’s efficiency.

How? UC allows for seamless communications using one platform for voice, text messaging, voicemail, faxing, and much more. In lieu of juggling multiple platforms for each individual function. 

Unified Communications will improve your team’s efficiency by providing one platform to communicate rather than multiple systems.

Reason #2 = Work Anywhere Mobility

Unified Communications allow for mobility. You no longer need to be at your desk or even in the office at all to make & receive phone calls. UC allows your work calls to simultaneously ring your mobile device and computer. 

Calls on your mobile device come through as a work call so you know how to answer compared to calls to your personal cell phone number.  

Don’t want to be bothered by work calls during certain times of the day (i.e. the evening) or days of the week (i.e. the weekend)? You’re in control and can set the hours for these calls.

Speaking of which, calls also ring on your desk phone if you happen to be in the office!

Reason #3 = Go Beyond Voice

Unified Communications is much more than just voice. 

For example, unified messaging allows voicemails to be sent to your email and available on your mobile device via an app. 

Another example is SMS/Chat where you use your work phone number to send messages to coworkers and clients instead of using your personal cell phone number. It is the best of both worlds where you can keep your professional identity but also remain available to communicate on different devices such as your computer and mobile phone.

Reason #4 = Increased Flexibility

Unified Communications offers flexibility in several different ways. 

There is the flexibility of communicating with voice, messaging/chat, or video meetings. Teams today are often located in different buildings, cities, or even countries. Having the flexibility to communicate and collaborate in multiple ways is increasingly important. Collaboration and communication go hand-in-hand and UC tools offer multiple avenues to both communicate and collaborate. 

In addition, the flexibility to connect multiple business locations under one system without having to maintain telephone lines and switching equipment for each office location.

We hope you see why Unified Communications is so important for your business. There are so many different benefits UC brings that will help your business connect anytime, anywhere and improve your team’s overall productivity. 

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