Customize Your Level365 Service: CRM Integrations, Cloud Faxing, Paging, and more

Level365 service includes features that help you & your team connect, collaborate, and improve efficiency anywhere, anytime.


Our service is more than just a phone on your desk. It includes a Mobile and Web App that easily lets you work from anywhere. For example, you can: 


Even with all of these included features, it is possible your business has a need to customize your Level365 service. See below for information on some of our most popular customized add-on services.


CRM Integrations

Integrating your Level365 service with your CRM can provide significant productivity gains to your organization.

Gain access to a full sales automation platform and seamlessly capture prospect and customer interactions. Plus, work more efficiently by unlocking instant click to dial, automatic call logging, caller info screen-pops, and advanced call analytics.

  • Price: We offer multiple options including CRM Connect Lite, a free Chrome plug-in, as well as a more advanced options such as CRM Connect Pro for $6/mo per user or an enterprise-level solution powered by Tenfold for $25/mo per user.

➡️ Learn about our CRM Integration options or contact us for more information.


Cloud Faxing

Cloud Faxing allows you to send and receive faxes without needing an actual fax machine. Faxes are currently sent and received via email. Coming soon faxing will also be available from the Level365 Web App. Cloud Faxing from the Level365 Web App will offer one convenient place to send, view, and track all of your fax activities; both outgoing and incoming.  

  • Price: $15 / month
    • The service includes 250 pages per month and a dedicated fax number.
    • Additional pages at $0.025 per page. 

➡️ Contact us to learn more about Cloud Faxing.



FAX ATA is a solution that supports analog fax machines to eliminate the need for dedicated and expensive phone lines from other providers. Our Fax ATA supports HTTPS fax connections and multifunction printers (MFPs) that easily integrate with our platform. 

  • Price: $30 / month plus a one-time equipment purchase.
    • The service includes 1,000 pages per month.
    • Additional pages at $0.025 per page. 

➡️ Contact us to learn more about Fax ATA.

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Adding Contact Center functionality is another way to customize and improve your team’s efficiency. We provide all the essential tools you need to run your Contact or Call Center effectively. With our Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform, your Contact Center or Support Team will have the information, connectivity, features, and flexibility to work efficiently and support your clients.  


Our solution includes automated call distribution, monitoring, customized routing, call queues, ring groups, and more. Supervisors have a simple, integrated real-time view with automated and customized reporting through the Level365 Web App. 


Best of all, instead of having to go to another provider for your Contact Center needs, with Level365, it is all part of one system. No longer do you have to manage and maintain a Contact Center system that is different from the system the rest of the office uses. One system. One provider. No compromises.

  • Price:  $15 / month per agent plus $0.029 per minute.
    • Call Center also requires our Premium UC Subscription.

➡️ Learn about our Contact Center as a Solution or contact us for more information.


UC Paging

Our UC Paging & Intercom solution offers a wideband IP Voice Paging Adapter & Bell Scheduler for Integrating Legacy Analog Amplifiers. This solution works well in schools, warehouses, churches, and other businesses where paging is needed.

  • Price: $15 / month + one-time equipment purchase. Requires professional installation.
    • One-time equipment varies based on customer specific needs and configuration. Professional installation is additional and the price varies.

➡️ Contact us to learn more about UC Paging.

Call Recording

On-demand call recording is available for each user but this custom solution adds recording at the company level. Record company phone calls for training, quality assurance, and other internal purposes. 

  • Price: $30 / month
    • Includes up to 5,000 minutes of recording per month and a  30-day retention period. Additional minutes over 5,000 in a 30-day period are $0.001 per minute.

➡️ Contact us to learn more about Call Recording.


Level365 Softphone Pro

In addition to the Web Phone, which is included with our UC Premium service, we also offer the Level365 Softphone Pro powered by Bria. Both services, the Web Phone, and the Softphone Pro, allow the ability to make and receive calls from your work phone on your computer. 


Although there are many similarities, below are a few advantages of Level365 Softphone Pro:

  • Loads automatically upon login. 
  • Use your headset controls to answer or end calls. 
  • Auto answering (helpful for those in a Call Center / Support Team).

Furthermore, the Web Phone is a web-based within the Level365 Web App that is included with your UC Premium service. The Level365 Softphone Pro is software on your computer.

  • Price: $5 / month per user. Available for Windows and Mac. 

➡️ Contact us to learn more about the Level365 Softphone Pro powered by Bria.



SMS allows you to send text messages to clients from your business phone number and maintain your professional identity as you communicate. Messages are sent and received from the Web or Mobile App. You can now also send pictures, GIFs, Emojis, audio files, or videos in addition to text messages. 

  • Price: $2 / month per user 
    • SMS also requires a DID Number for the user which is $1 per month. 

➡️ Contact us to learn more about SMS.


DID (Direct Inward Dial) Number

A DID Number allows someone to contact you directly using your 10-digit phone number rather than having to call the main number and then input a 4-digital extension.

  • Price: $1 / month per user 

➡️ Contact us to learn more about DID.


Conferencing Calling Bridge

Conference Calling Bridge service with a dedicated dial-in number. 

  • Price: $15 / month 
    • Includes up to 500 minutes. Additional minutes at $0.029 per minute.

➡️ Contact us to learn more about Conference Calling Bridge.


Toll-Free Calling

Allow your customers and prospects to reach you without them having to pay. Domestic calls only.

  • Price: $2 / month + a low per minute rate.

➡️ Contact us to learn more about Toll-Free Calling.





About Level365: 

Level365 offers a complete Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution with voice + collaboration for your business. Our service seamlessly integrates communication among desk phones, computers, and mobile devices to improve efficiency and collaboration. The UC platform extends beyond voice communications with Unified Messaging, Presence, Chat/SMS, Video Collaboration, Cloud Faxing, CRM Integrations, and more.


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