How to Thrive While Working from Home

As the pandemic swiftly forced people indoors, the workplace had to adapt to a fully remote work environment. This left many employees who had never experienced working at home for an extended period unattended and unprepared. 


The Hybrid Office: 

Flash forward a year later, and we see a hybrid schedule of working from home and in the office.  The rising trend is a significant change to how business has traditionally been done, and it is important to know common hybrid concerns companies have such as:

  • Productivity: Are Employees being productive while they are home? 
  • Visibility: Losing control when solving issues as they can not directly see what employees are working on. 
  • Culture: The decreased office presence worries companies about the workplace’s culture. (the muse)


These concerns are valid and are why utilizing unified communication platforms allows integrated communication access to “your office” anywhere through the cloud. Ways to stay connected and engaged with the company while at home include:

  • Online calendars that display who is online, upcoming meetings, and schedules. 
  • Video chatting delivers a way to communicate and see colleagues. 
  • Resilient companies will find a way to keep teams involved even when some are working from home. 


Remote working presents new challenges, but you can thrive in the environment by incorporating the following topics.  


4 Ways to Boost Your Remote Work Experience

1. Remote Work Environment

Set up a Home Office:

Setting up your home office to be similar to your work office is a great first step. A home office’s potential rises when it is free of distractions and clutter (FlexJobs). Productivity and focus will remain high if you can replicate your office’s environment. If you have two monitors at work, then attempt to set that up at home. 

Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure your Wi-Fi can handle working remotely. The goal is to have no differences in productivity, and Wi-Fi could be a limiting factor. 


2. Remaining Social

Stay Connected With Your Team:

Working on a team has incredible benefits, but it takes proactive actions to stay productive while working remotely. Remote working can make collaboration more difficult as teams are spread apart. Video calls and frequent phone calls can help combat this (Humentum). The interaction between team members boosts morale and improves communication. 


Use an Online Calendar:

Using an online calendar is a great way to organize your schedule and gives your team a clear overhead overview of daily and weekly schedules. It also helps you stay on track and stay motivated. The ability for Co-workers to see who is online before they make a call helps with efficiency (The New York Times). 


3. Minimize Distractions

A Udemy survey revealed that 70% of workers feel distracted when they are working (Udemy). Almost 3 out of 4 workers in the workforce are admitting to being distracted. Distractions are normal, but limiting them increases productivity. 


Limit Your Smartphone Use:

Smartphones can often be a distraction working remotely. Fortunately, some settings allow for notifications to be blocked. Enabling a do not disturb function will allow for minimal notifications. Placing your phone out of reach will help fight off the temptation to grab it. 


Take Breaks:

It is essential to take breaks during the day to refresh the body and mind. Try to stand up, and move around. That will help to get back in the headspace to continue working. 


Schedule Your Time:

Scheduling time in advance, whether online or offline, is a great way to stay on task. Blocking out time for specific tasks can increase your accountability and productivity. 


Limit Multitasking:

The availability of distractions often brings on multitasking. Try to limit this to ensure that the effort put into working is not diminished. 


Set Boundaries at Home:

Since a new work environment is in use, boundaries can be helpful to set. Your family, roommate, or pet should know what your expectations are for interaction during work hours. 


4. Work-life Balance

Be Adaptable:

It’s easy to say you won’t be distracted or that nothing urgent will interfere with work hours. However, it’s important to accept that life happens, and not everything will follow your planned schedule. Being able to adapt and then get back on track is helpful. 


Value Your Time:

Using breaks to run errands is a great way to maximize your time outside of work. It also allows you to get out of your chair and move around. The time that would’ve been spent running errands after work is now available. Being efficient with your time follows the overall theme of higher productivity while working remotely. In turn, it could encourage you to find time for hobbies or personal time. 


Stick With Your Morning Routine:

Keeping the same morning routine will keep the consistency of a typical workday. If you always make breakfast and coffee, then try to continue that while working from home. A Routine will help bridge the adjustment to working remotely. 


Take Some Time for Yourself:

According to Harvard Health, going for an outdoor walk can improve cognitive function. Incorporating a 20-minute walk into your day can decrease depression and improve your memory (The Telegraph and NPR). Taking time for self-care is important, and a great time to do so is on your breaks. This includes eating a proper lunch. 


Remember That Sleep Is Essential:

The CDC recommends over 7 hours of sleep for Adults between 18-60 years old. Around one-third of Americans are getting under 6 hours of sleep (CDC). A lack of sleep leads to decreased focus and attention to detail. Sleep affects every part of the body, and running on 5 hours of sleep will not lead to you working at your full potential. A good night’s sleep should not be underestimated. Waking up without having to worry about being tired already starts the day on a good note. Increased concentration will come with getting proper sleep. That, in turn, will make it harder for you to get distracted. 


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