How To Keep Your Professional Identity When Communicating with Anyone

protect your professional identity using UC

Now more than ever, the lines between personal and professional communications are starting to blur. With so many companies now offering hybrid or remote work options, the ways we primarily communicate have changed. As a result of these changes, keeping your professional identity is more difficult than ever.

While in the Office:

When primarily working in the office, keeping your professional identity becomes a little easier. For example, making and receiving business calls typically happen while one is in the office from their desk phone. Missed calls and voicemails left while out of the office can often be returned once back in the office. New calls that need to be made can also usually wait until one is back in the office. However, with ongoing and extended Work From Home, this approach no longer works.


While Away From the Office:

Over the last several months, in-person communications have been replaced with video meetings. Phone calls from your desk phone work to another work phone have been replaced with mobile-to-mobile conversations. Today’s communication is more complicated and nuanced to navigate than before.


It is also increasingly more difficult to keep one’s professional identity personal but it is still possible with the right business communications solution.


How to Keep Your Professional Identity When You Are No Longer Regularly in the Office?

Although there is no “one size fits all” answer there are some tools and resources that can help. Businesses that offer a cloud-hosted Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution are best equipped to provide their staff with tools that lead to keeping one’s professional identity intact.


Work Calls on Your Mobile Device 

Some business communication providers, such as UCaaS providers, offer a mobile app that includes the ability to make and receive calls using your work phone number on your mobile device.

  • A mobile app allows you to keep your professional identity. You give out your business phone number that will ring to your mobile phone instead of your direct/personal mobile phone number.
  • With a mobile app, you can be as accessible as you want or need to be with a client from anywhere without having to give up your personal identity. In other words, you don’t have to give out your personal number.


How does it work? Calls to your work number on your mobile device are clearly identified on the Caller ID as a work call and not a call to your personal mobile number. In order to make outbound calls from your mobile phone number, you first access a mobile app before making an outbound call so the number you send out (the out pulsed caller ID) is your work phone number and not your mobile number.


It is the best of both worlds! Keep your mobile number personal while still having the flexibility to stay connected regardless of your location.


Text Clients From Your Work Phone Number

Texting or SMS is such a prevalent form of communication that it often makes sense to communicate this way with clients and vendors. In the past, this usually meant giving out your mobile number but not anymore!

  • With the right business communications system, you can send text messages to any SMS-enabled phone number, such as a client’s mobile phone, from your work phone. 
  • We typically think of texting only being available using our mobile phone number however, many providers offer the option of having your work phone number to send text messages.
  • How does it work? Instead of sending text messages using your mobile phone number, you first access a mobile app before sending a text message so the number you send out is your work phone number and not your mobile number.


It is the best of both worlds! Send text messages without having to give up your personal mobile number.   Stay connected while keeping your professional identity.


Keep Your Professional Identity – Anywhere, Anytime:

Keeping your professional identity is important. With an increasing number of people working from home, it can be more difficult to keep personal and professional separate.  Your company’s communications platform can help. Use a mobile app to communicate from your work phone number and even send SMS messages to clients.


Need Help Keeping Your Team’s Professional Identity Intact?

Level365 can help with voice + collaboration solutions that let you work from anywhere while still using your business phone number. Contact us to learn how we help small-to-medium companies connect, improve, and integrate communications with cloud-hosted Unified Communications.




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