Level365 New UC Features for Office Managers

Level365 is pleased to announce the launch of several new UC features for Office Managers. Most of these features are available in the Level365 Web Portal (

The new UC features listed below are only available for those with “Office Manager” access from Level365:

  • Shared Company Contacts
  • Time of Day Call Routing
  • Call Data Record (CDR) Report Scheduling
  • 911 Settings
  • Outbound Messaging to Answering Services
  • “Recycle” Extensions
  • Button Builder
  • Remote Provisioning

Shared Contacts

Shared Contacts enable you as the Office Manager the ability to add and edit a group of contacts that is viewable to all users within your company. All users can view the Shared Contacts within the contacts page of the Web Portal, Web Phone Client, and the Mobile App. Shared Contacts will save your organization time by providing important contact information such as client and vendor information to all users. Learn more about setting up Shared Contacts.

Time of Day Call Routing

With Time of Day Call Routing, you can send calls to different destinations based on the time of day, the day of the week, and holidays. Office Managers have the ability to implement time of day routing directly from the DID Inventory edit modal area within the Portal. Learn how to set up Time Of Day Call Routing.  

Call Data Record (CDR) Reporting

Office Managers can now schedule Call Data Record (CDR) exports through the Level365 Web Portal. Options include daily, weekly, monthly, or custom report scheduling. These exports can be sent via email, FTP, SFTP, or directly downloaded via the Level365 Web Portal. Learn how to set up Call Detail Reports.

911 Settings

As someone with Office Manager access, you have access to make important changes to your company’s Level365 service. One important feature is the ability to set and edit 911 caller ID across your organization as well as setting caller ID per user device.

It is critical that if your company moves office locations or you move staff between various office locations that you update your 911 caller ID settings. Learn more about managing your 911 settings

Outbound Messaging to Answering Services

Record a custom outbound message that will be played to the person answering when that user has Answer Confirmation for offnet numbers selected. For example, a salesperson may have their simultaneous ring set to include an answering service while they are on vacation. They can record a message to the effect of “You have a call from Agent John Smith of Matrix Realty”, so the answering service would know the proper way to answer the call. Read more about using this feature

Ability to “Recycle” Extensions

Recycling a user gives a simplified screen to add in the new user’s name and email without needing to add in the data that has already been configured. For example, perhaps you want to recycle an existing extension that was used for a sales user to a new user in that same role in sales. Learn more about how to “Recycle” Extension

Button Builder

Button Builder is a visual configuration tool interface that allows for button customization, template deployment, mass editing, assigning phone directories, and viewing per device configuration files. It provides the flexibility to streamline provisioning and easily manage the phone configuration of individual users and groups. Learn how to use Button Builder.

Remote Provisioning for Yealink and Polycom

Remote Provisioning for Yealink or Polycom phones is now available. Learn how to set-up and use Remote Provisioning.

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