Voicemail: Unified Communications Feature Focus

Unified Communications from Level365 comes with so many great features that will streamline your organization’s communication. 


Today, we’re highlighting all the features and functionalities that Level365’s voicemail service offers you. So, let’s get to it. What can you do with Level365 voicemail?

Accessible Everywhere

With our voicemail service, you can access your messages from anywhere. Like a traditional voicemail, you can listen to messages through your desk phone. However, you can also see and listen to them from your cell phone or desktop using the Level365 Mobile Connect App and Web App


All your messages are displayed in a list that shows basic information like who it’s from, when it was left, and how long it is. You’re able to see all your messages at once and select which one you want to hear. This is so much easier than calling into your desk phone and listening to all your messages one by one. The visual component makes it SO easy to use and sort through messages. 


➡️  Learn how to access voicemail from the Level365 Web App. Need help logging into Web App? Read this support article.


Another great feature is automatically having your voicemail sent to your email inbox. It will be sent as a WAV attachment to the email with options for transcription as well. This is great for when you’re on the go as you can see that you’ve got a voicemail and what it’s about just by looking at your email. Voicemail-to-Email is also great because it makes one less thing you have to check. 


You already check your email, and now you’re checking your voicemail while you’re at it! A final reason Voicemail-to-Email is so convenient is that it allows you to easily share a voicemail with someone else should you need to. It’s as simple as forwarding an email and someone else is able to hear the message. 


➡️  Learn how to customize your Voicemail-to-Email settings in this brief article.


Another feature we offer with our voicemail is transcription. You have the ability to use our transcription services to make voicemails that much easier to access. Instead of having to take the time to listen to a full voicemail, you’re able to just read it. 


The transcription is generally very accurate, which means you essentially have full access to your voicemail even in scenarios where you aren’t able to listen to your messages.


➡️  Transcription is included with your existing service however you must enable this feature. Learn how to enable Voicemail Transcription or watch the video below:

Voicemail Greeting Options

Have you ever left the office before a holiday and realized you forgot to change your voicemail greeting? With our service, you are able to change your voicemail greeting from anywhere you have access to the Web App or Mobile App. This makes it so easy to change your greeting from home or anywhere else without being in the office. 


Along with this, you can also have your voicemails set up to be sent to another person’s mailbox for scenarios where you’ll be out of the office or unable to receive calls. Even better, you can also do this from the Web App meaning you don’t have to be in the office to set it up!


➡️  Learn how to manage or record a new Voicemail Greeting it watch the video below:

The voicemail you’re used to is a thing of the past. It’s no longer only accessible from your desk phone. Voicemail now is so easy to use and has such useful features. You’re able to access it from anywhere, read your messages, see them in a visual list, and more. 

Interested in learning more about voicemail and all of the other features of UCaaS with Level365? Check out our Ultimate Guide to UCaaS or request a quote!


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