Web Phone Client: UCaaS Feature Focus

The Web Phone from Level365 gives you the complete functionality of a desktop phone from your computer. This includes making and receiving calls, accessing voicemail, using Chat/SMS messaging, viewing call history, and more.

Use Your Computer as Your Phone

Using your computer as a phone provides flexibility to work more efficiently when you are not in the office. The Web Phone client allows you to make and receive calls using your business phone number from your computer and much more.

Web Phone Features:

  • Make & Receive Calls from your Computer using your work phone number
  • Access Voicemail
  • Save, Forward, or Delete Voicemails
  • View Call History & Missed Calls
  • View Contacts
  • Change Voicemail Greeting
  • Send & Receive SMS and Chat Messages
  • View & Change Answering Rules


  • Connectivity: Improve your team’s productivity with Level365’s Web Phone client. Our cloud-hosted keeps you connected. Stay connected no matter where you are located.
  • Mobility:  You are no longer tied to the office. Access your voicemail, contacts, call history, and more while you are away from the office. Make and receive calls from your office phone number to keep your professional identity. 
  • Flexibility: You are in control with our service. You have the flexibility to stay connected even when away from the office by using your computer as a phone. Check voicemail, send Chat messages, view call history, make calls, and more. 

These benefits allow you to stay connected even when you are in the field or working remotely or just away from your desk for the afternoon. 

Access this feature within the Level365 Web App. Simply log in and select “Web Phone Client” from the top App Menu. Watch the video or read the information below to learn more.

➡️  Need more help? Learn how to use the Web Phone Client by visiting this support article. If you need help logging into the Web App read this support article.

Level365 Softphone Pro powered by Bria

In addition to the Web Phone, we now also offer Level365 Softphone Pro powered by Bria. Both services allow the ability to make and receive calls from your work phone on your computer. Although there are many similarities, below are a few advantages of Level365 Softphone Pro:

  • The Softphone automatically loads upon login.
  • Use your headset controls to answer or end calls. 
  • Auto answering can be set-up which is helpful for those in a Call Center or Support Team environment.

The Web Phone is a Chrome web-based platform that is included with your UC Premium service. The Level365 Softphone Pro is software downloaded to your computer and is available for $5 per month per user.

➡️  Learn more about Level365 Softphone Pro by contacting us

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