William’s Story: Professional Identity with the Mobile App

Meet William and see how he’s able to easily uses the Level365 Mobile Connect app when he is away from the office.

William is an Attorney based out of Chicago. His firm specializes in family law and has several locations throughout the state, including Champaign, Peoria, Naperville, and Springfield. He often travels between his home, court, and multiple office locations.


When he’s on the move, he enjoys the mobility and convenience of the Level365 Mobile Connect App.  The Mobile App acts as a secondary business phone for making and receiving calls anytime, anywhere. 


William #1


By using the Level365 Mobile App, William can easily make calls, view missed calls, and check his voicemail all without sacrificing audio quality. It is easy to distinguish between incoming personal and business calls. Calls made to clients and co-workers using the Mobile App displays William’s name and business phone number, rather than his personal phone number. This separation allows him to keep his personal identity when communicating and still be responsive without giving out his personal information.


When out of the office, working from home, or in court, he likes that he can use either the Level365 Mobile Connect app or the Level365 Web Phone to make calls using his business phone number. 

William’s Thoughts

When I’m away from the office, using Level365’s Mobile app is just as easy as using my desk phone. Everything I’d need to do-like make or receive calls, view my call history, access voicemail, etc.-is just at my fingertip. All without giving out my personal mobile number. It is really the best of both worlds; I keep my personal number private, but I am still able to be responsive with work calls.

William #2

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*Personas are based on our customers’ likeness and use of service.

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